Artistic Swim AWD Organiztion Representatives

 We are a group of professionals, parents, and students dedicated to improving the lives of Athletes with Disabilities (AWDs) & Special Needs for Artistic Swimming globally.

The Artistic Swim AWD Representatives below (Board Reps) advocate for our organization and support our (Top row) three official Executive Board Directors (President/Secretary/Treasurer).

ALL of our staff (including coaches) are volunteers. There are no paid positions within our organization. We appreciate our AWD Reps and everything they do to help promote our organization globally. If you are interested in becoming an AWD Rep for our Organization, all we require is that you have a passion to promote and advocate for AWDs in your Country and globally as well as assist in any way with promoting competitions and exhibitions anywhere in the World so that we can move closer to including our sport in Paralympic Games and other International competitions and events. The AWD Rep position is continuous and you can resign anytime you wish. There are no meeting or voting requirements.

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