Novice Coach/AWD Rep.

Tulisha has been involved with public relations/marketing/sales for over 8 years. She is a highly enthusiastic customer service and public relations specialist. She is from Berkeley, California and a graduate from San Jose State University with a double major in criminal justice and social work. Her interest in artistic swimming started with the Santa Clara Aquamaids as a fundraising customer service specialist. Tulisha learned a lot about what it takes to navigate the bingo operations and build a great customer base. She was also involved with customer relations and backroom planning for the Aquamaids highly successful 50th Anniversary celebration and volunteered for many events to help the artistic swimmers with their training and travel. Tulisha has also served as a volunteer for Innvision San Jose, which serves homeless and victims of domestic violence. Tulisha is passionate about helping others and is a people person. Tulisha is a certified coach and enjoys getting in the water to coach our newest members of the team. She is passionate about making sure the athletes begin to learn what it takes to achieve their dreams. She is a true and great asset for for athletes with disabilities and is appreciative for a new opportunity to work with people from all walks of life.

She brings great smiles as an AWD Rep and Novice Coach.