Doug has been involved with his daughter's synchronized swimming since 'Day 1'. He enjoys seeing her passion and her fire for the sport. He says it has brought so much to her life as well as others. Doug is 'the go to guy' at meets and practices. From managing the sound system, to annoucing, to setting up tents, costume racks, etc., he brings calm to all of us. Doug say's that when his daughter uses synchronized swimming to 'mask' the required therapy, he feels good that she is getting more benefits out of it. She enjoys the music, the routine, the suits, the flair, grace, athleticism, you name it! So, when she is done swimming a routine, she has achieved the enrichment and therapuetic value

as well as the athletics of it. 


Doug brings a lot of experience with helping to manage non profits and with uniting sponsors and donors with the right cause. He enjoys raising and managing funds for something that is well needed and can say directly benefits the AWD swimmers and achieve the Mission and Goals set forth for the group. He is retired, has an extensive athletic background (Volleyball/Water Polo/Skating) and have coached many kids with disabilities. Doug states:


"I have the time now to follow my daughter's dreams and to help others achieve theirs. I love it when my daughter says "My dreams happen in the pool".