Julia Startchenko

Head Coach - Synchro (Taiwan)

Coach Julia was born in Kaliningrad city (Russia) , hometown of Natalia Ischenko, who happened to start her synchro career in the same pool with her.

She competed in regionals and national tournaments during her Russian Synchro career and ultimately joined a water ballet performance group in Taiwan. She has been living in Taiwan and developing synchronized swimming programs since 2000 and founded the Synchronized Swimming Association of Taiwan .


Every year she organize two tournaments, Specifically, 'The Tournament Natasha' ( in honor of Natalia Ischenko) and 'Ma Chien Cup'.  In 2013 she joined a water show with the China Olympic team. During the summer and winter school breaks, She organize sport camps and master classes. In summer 2014 her synchro swimmers had an opportunity to practice and train at the Russian Olympic training center. The Synchro Taiwan swimmers have competed in Japan, Uzbekistan, Malaisia, Hong Kong , Australia and Russia. They have also completed a few interesting projects with Make Up Forever and started their own hair and body care products line for swimmers "Афина".


Her 'pioneer swimmers' are now college students and she has been training them to become judges and assistance coaches. Coach Julia says, "We are open for new synchro ideas and do our best to continue to develop synchronized swimming in Taiwan. In 2015, we were excited to add the athletes with disabilities program to our organization and host the1st annual AWD Synchro Symposium, bringing together for the first time several coaches and athletes representing 10 countries in the grass roots movement started by Artistic Swim AWD-USA. I am also happy to be a resource for the global AWD group since we now have a hands on practice and approach with this wonderful program and swimmers."  I can be reached at: julia_0621tw@yahoo.com.au