Coach Bianca

Age Group Coach/


Bianca was an athlete with the Santa Clara Aquamaids for 10 years, competing at the National and International level. She was elected and served 4 years as West Zone Athlete Representative and in 2007 was awarded West Zone Athlete of the Year.  


 Immediately upon retiring as an athlete she began coaching.  Over the past 7 years she has coached swimmers of all levels, from Novice to National Team.  While coaching with the Aquamaids, Bianca coached in the Age Group 12 & under program, was Director of SCA Summer Camps, and pioneered the Aquamaids first Novice and Intermediate Program. With a patient, encouraging, and energetic coaching style, the Novice and Intermediate program grew from only 4 swimmers the first year, to 40 athletes the years after.  

In 2012, she received SCA's coveted Coach of the Year award.

In 2015, she joined the Artistic Swim AWD Organization and began coaching disabled

and non disabled athletes

in Southern California on behalf of our Organization and Team

as well as associate Artistic Swim teams in the LA Area.


In 2013 Bianca received her B.A. Degree in Child and Adolescent Development from San Jose State University.  Soon after graduating, she relocated to the Los Angeles area where she currently resides and continues to coach artistic swimming and to continue her studies. In the Fall of 2017, she was accepted into the Occupational Therapy Graduate Program. Her career goal is to open an aquatic occupational therapy clinic for children with disabilities. 


Bianca is passionate about expanding the synchro opportunities for athletes with disabilities. She is hopeful and optimistic that Artistic Swimming will be included as a sport in the Paralympics for the future.