Yuliya Roysental

AWD Coach/Rep.

Coach Yuliya is a former Santa Clara Aquamaid swimmer who is now an Aquamaids coach and swam for over 16 years. She dedicated her life to the sport since she was 6 years old and now continues to dedicate her knowledge to younger girls who wish to pursue an athletic career themselves. From California State Games to Age Group Nationals, Yuliya has won numerous competitions with her team. Coach Yuliya’s expression of love for artistic swimming was evidenced on a daily basis. Many times she found herself a ride to the pool to watch another team practice, just so she could learn more. She was self motivated, always looking for the next step to bring her closer to greatness.


She won her first Age Group Nationals in 2003 with her team in the 13-15 age group, and received the Jerry Smith Sportsmanship of the year award in the same year. Following that year, Yuliya not only won Age Group Nationals with her team again in the 16-17 age group and placed 4th in the 18-19 duet, but also became a triple crown and grand slam winner. Wanting to do more, she started helping out at the club’s camps and summer programs for kids who wanted to learn synchro.  From Olympians to Internationally ranked athletes, Yuliya was coached by the best, and has taken the life lessons and knowledge that they taught her and put it into her swimming, and now her coaching career. She has a genuine love for kids, passion and drive for the sport. She privately coaches athletes with disabilities and attends Int'l events for AWD. Coach Yuliya says,

"I am looking to pursue a career in Sports Psychology, and with my extensive artistic swimming background and knowledge of the sport, serving as an AWD Rep & Coach will help in developing the minds and experience of young AWD athletes to better prepare them for their transition to the next level in the sport of artistic swimming".