Coach Tina


Team Director

Coach Tina's daughter has been an artistic swimmer since 2009, when she was 9yrs old. She was born with a brachial plexus injury which resulted in a disability called Erbs Palsy. She has been in the water since she was 4 months old for therapy and when she was 9, she joined an artistic swim team to get the benefits it had to offer for her physically, emotionally and cognitively.

(she also battles with ADHD). Artistic Swimming has essentially turned her disability from

one that is 'seen' (noticeable) to 'unseen' and manageable.

Coach Tina became passionate right along with her, learning everything about the sport of Artistic (Synchronized) Swimming, training with the masters team and ultimately becoming a Level 1 Judge so that she can always stay on top on what is happening with the sport in terms of judging and how her athletes are affected by it. She is currently certified by the Red Cross swim coach safety training, lifeguard training and USAAS certified CCP1 coach and Challenges with Children coaching certification, a collaborative effort between the Aquatic Therapy and Rehab Institute (ATRI), USA Swimming, and the USA Swimming Foundation.  Tina believes that the equity invested in our diverse population of athletes including athletes with disabilities, will ensure that 'unfairness' and the negative impacts on our under represented athletes will one day disappear and give a fresh new meaning to Inclusion and Equality. Coach Tina's passion and commitment with promoting awareness and action with the hope of developing other rising athletes with disabilities and impairments, will encourage them to pursue their path of hope and dreams in artistic swimming as an accomplished athlete or as an elite athlete in future International and Paralympic Games. 


Coach Tina is on a disability retirement, in addition to her diverse ethic and cultural background, so she knows all too well the adversity and discrimination felt by these fabulous young athletes who deserve so much more in life. She was an athlete with an 8yr background in Ballet (40yrs involved with skating/track/swimming/softball) and a personal trainer with the YMCA. She coached youth roller hockey for 6 years, in which she had many athletes with disabilities on her team. She has been coaching Artistic Swimming for the past 6 years.

Coach Tina has an educational background in (BA) communication studies and (AA) administration of justice. She has completed some undergrad work recently (2020) in Kinesiology and Coaching and is currently enrolled in the San Jose State University Grad Program (2020-2022) for Kinesiology with a concentration in sports management for athletes with disabilities. Coach Tina is excited to announce that she is a current nominee for the Board of Governance for the USA Artistic Swimming Federation (USAAS) and is looking forward to major contributions for the betterment of the sport for athletes with disabilities and ethnically under represented athletes.. Tina is active with aquatics exercise and swimming as physical therapy and aspires to build a local unique Aquatics Facility for people with impairments and injuries. Coach Tina's hobbies are her dedication to her own team of diverse athletes and their success.

Tina says:

"I have great knowledge and experience with multiple sports. I may not be wealthy, but I have a rich heart and will share my life, love and passion with those who aspire to achieve their dreams in this sport! I am honored to serve as the President of the Artistic Swim AWD Organization and will do my best to ensure the goals and mission for the Organization is met. I will strive to follow our process of equity so that we can sustain equality in our sport. We are all humans in the sport of artistic swimming. We can swim together regardless of impairments, race, ethnicity, religion, or personal/professional backgrounds. We must learn to alter human behavior to reflect positive mindfulness and become an allied force so that we can grow together and participate 'as one' in our sport. On our team, we have eliminated the terms 'us' and 'them'. It is no longer in our vocabulary. It is 'We' and 'We' move as 'One'....(USAAS)


I also love making fabulous artistic swim suits and Mermaid tails for our swimmers and coaches".


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