JOIN the Bay Area Synchro Artistic Swim Team!

Ongoing artistic swim training seesions (non-disabled & disabled)

Any ability, disability, special, unique needs with minimal swim skills, age of 6yrs old and up, including NON disabled . Must not be afraid of the pool or deep water and able to tread water and understand pool safety. We are also the ONLY Artistic swim team in the USA where our swimmers can travel internationally, regardless of level. Ask us!

Please NOTE: we are NOT a therapy/rehabilitative program NOR are our coaches trained physical therapists or specialists in disabilities/special needs. We accept mid to high functioning swimmers who can swim unassisted and able to comprehend pool safety. Swimming skills can be minimal as we will improve upon it during the season.

FEE: $37/EACH Session! (there are up to 10 sessions per month. We require a minimum attendance of 5 sessions per month)

Sats. and/or Suns. 12:30-1:45pm (Sutton Swim Pool-Campbell, CA) 

Competitive season (Jan-July): ADD: 2 Thurs/Fri each month: 6:15pm-745pm: (Camden Pool-San Jose) As scheduled, for Competitive & Masters Swimmers ONLY

(in addition to Sat/Sun).

(PLUS an annual $150 reg. fee: Covers October 1st to September 1st, every year. Session Payments are due every month after the sessions you attend. Pay us by check, Debit, Credit Card, Venmo, Zelle or Paypal. 

'TRY IT" sessions: Are Free and by appt. only on sat or sun.during our regular sessions. Join in anytime. Sessions are ongoing from October to June, EVERY year!

You only PAY for sessions you attend each month. We do not charge if you call in sick for a session you signed up for. Those who do not regularly attend will be cut from the Team unless its a medical reason. We only have 15 swimmer slots and we are almost at capacity.  

We reserve the right to change/substitute dates/pools without advance notice. 

Upon joining, you will be given the current monthly schedule and link to sign up for the upcoming sessions.

NOTE: there will not be some weekend (Sat/Sun) classes due to competitions, service or coaches training.

Please email for info or to RSVP for a Try It Session (Starting in October 2020):

Here is a link to our online schedule and additional information. Please take a look to at our training and other dates to see if it will fit your swimmer's schedule. Thanks!

(Updated schedule will be posted in Sept.2020)

If you would like to volunteer, please email us as we would love to have you help us! No artistic swim experience is required, but you will need to complete a volunteer application and must pass a background check via our USA Artistic Swim Federation.

We are a 'safe' and inclusive team and do not discriminate or bully under any circumstances and EACH swimmer is monitored during the sessions by multiple staff members.

Thank you!

Bay Area Synchro team staff

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