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Who Do We Serve?

We are a small group organization based in San Jose, California, USA (San Francisco Bay Area) for assisting our population with disabilities and special needs from all over the World.


If you are interested, involved or support the sport of Artistic Swimming, our ultimate goal is to help with introducing Athletes with Disabilities (AWD) in Artistic Swimming in many competitions as well as a future Paralympic Sport. Athletes with disabilities/special needs (AWD) can compete at higher/elite levels throughout the World with your involvement or support!


Visit and Like our Facebook page. We are also on Twitter and Pinterest.


If you are an interested swimmer, coach, group, club, team, organization, or federation,

we welcome your inquiries! We can assist you with getting started with our global movement of inclusion!


If you are a current or former synchro (artistic) swimmer with a disability or special needs,

please contact us and let us know WHO and WHERE you are!  Tell us your story!

We'd like to reach out to you and keep you informed of the developments with

Artistic Swimming for athletes with disabilities (AWD).


All ABILITIES: Non-disabled, disabilities, special needs, and genders are welcome!

Currently, there are swimmers with the following conditions

participating in Artistic (synchro) programs worldwide.



Cognitive disabilities

Downs Syndrome

Developmental disabilities

Neurological disabilities

Brachial Plexus disabilities



Cerebral Palsy


Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Spina Bifida


Erbs Palsy

Sensory Impairments (Visual/Auditory)

Cognitive disabilities

Other Physical disabilities (seen and unseen)

California's Bay Area Synchro Team 

AWD Website pic13 2021.jpg

July 2021
Bay Area Synchro Team takes home the GOLD!


Colorado Springs/Staff Writers

The 2021 Jr. Olympics for Artistic Swimming occurred at the Air Force training center pool. This annual event showcases the best athletes from across the USA in Artistic Swimming. In the 82yr history of Artistic Swimming, this event has never had a parasports (Tiers) category for athletes with disabilities (AWD). These amazing athletes compete with teams across the USA but due to limited abilities, they are not able to achieve the similar skills required to compete with their team peers at high performance qualifying competitions.


Since Artistic Swimming (synchronized swimming) is not a 'Disability, Adapted or Paralympic sport', the athletes typically will be limited to local mainstream competitions with no progression in the long term athlete development (LTAD) continuum. SPECIAL Thanks to the Team USA Artistic Swim Federation, they have worked hard to make it possible with including AWDs in local, regional, state and national competitions as an invitational category (AWD Tiers). With showcasing the talents of our fabulous AWDs across the USA, the possiblity of including AWDs in Artistic Swimming as a parasport category in National and International competitions all over the World, including the Paralympics is now a very real possibility!


Many athletes from all across the USA participated at the Jr. Olympics competing in figures (tech) and solo, duet, trio and team routines. Not only demonstrating their abilities but proving that they can earn the priviledge of being included with LTAD for future high performance parasport competition at mainstream events all over the World. We wish to congratulate the athletes from Bay Area Synchro for being the 'pioneers' to achieve great success at this historic and inagural event to include AWDs with their non disabled peers at the same competition! Bay Area Synchro athletes brough home 8 Gold medals and 2 Silver in figures and routines! Well done (pictured) Raquel, Adriana, Natalie, Lia, and Ashlyn! We cannot wait to see you and the rest of your team mates compete all the way to future Parasport & Paralympic games!


UpDate: Bay Area Synchro AWDs have now particpated in:


NorCal Regionals  (Gold)

Calif State Games (Gold)

USA Youth World Championships (Gold)


NorCal Regionals (Gold)

Calif State Games (Upcoming: July)

2024: (Need Sponsors!!)

NorCal Regionals (Next Year: May)

State Games of America (Next Year: July)

France AWD Pre-Paralympic Competition (Next Year: August, right before the start of the Int'l Paralympics Games)

For OTHER (Northern California) Artistic Swim Teams/Clubs, articles and season's info: PLEASE visit:

Artistic (synchronized) Swimming clubs and teams in Northern Calif (

For more info about Bay Area Synchro, click the TAB below the Team LOGO.

Bay Area Synchro can provide REMOTE training if you do not have a local artistic swim team OR if your team coaches need individual AWD training for you to participate! 

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AWD Website pic3 2022.jpg
AWD Website pic1 2022.jpg
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AWD Website pic9 2021.jpg

Int'l Camps, Training, Exhibitions & Competitions

In addition to our own sponsored Artistic Swim AWD Camps in Northern California, there are local, regional, national & international events which include AWD!
Please contact the organizers below for more information.
We have participated at all of these events!
Please mention the Artistic Swim AWD Organization
website as your referral.
If you would like us to ADD your event, please contact us.
Thank you!

Paralympic Sport


Enjoy FUN camps & exhibitions in Spain and other European Countries. Any level AWD. Contact Coach Albertina:


Para Artistic Swimming Festival in Kyoto. All ages and levels for AWD. Contact Coach Morita:


Artistic Swimming OPEN: Cancun Intl Open Competition with AWD Category. All AWD levels. Visit: or Contact Coach Paloma:

CANADA Artistic Swim training/competitions

Training/Competition info for Canada:

Coach Katie:

Global Clubs, Teams & Individuals

There are Clubs/Teams/Individuals from OVER 25 Countries who have included or are now working to include AWD in their Artistic swim programs

Our heartfelt thanks to the people in many Countries for making an impact and for leading the dreams of thousands! Some of the Countries represented with teams, clubs and individuals actively participating below.

If you do not see a Country listed, please contact us to be added as part of the growing movement and commitment to take artistic swimming to another level for our global population with disabilities!

Thank you!





New Zealand


San Andres Isla-Colombia


South Africa
United Kingdom
United States

Sharing the Sport of Artistic Swimming!

Historical Spotlight....

                                                               Circa 2010

Lauren has cerebral palsy (right) and has been doing “synchro” since she was 10. Her duet partner – Nicole Flynn (left) has Downs syndrome, and the pair competed in Ontario and nationally in Canada for MANY years and was the first Duet to win Gold in the

Canadian Nationals. Canada became the 1st Country to add AWD to their Synchro programs and a spot on the Paralympic Roster.

Although both are 'retired' now, the sport has had numerous benefits for Lauren and Nicole. Lauren's mom Patty says that she

"would like to get the word out to other families so they’re aware this opportunity exists".


Click on Photo

Our Countries

Did you KNOW?

The Paralympic logo 'Agitos'

(Because of trade marking, we cannot post the logo. Please Google the Paralympic Logo image as a reference).

This logo is not the same as the Olympic logo, which is the 5 rings.

The Paralympic logo (called the three Agitos) consists of three elements in red, blue and green: the three colors that are most widely represented in national flags around the world. The three Agitos (from the Latin meaning “I move”) encircling a central point symbolize motion, emphasize the role of the Paralympic Movement in bringing athletes together from all corners of the world to compete. This has inspired us to use the colors in a half ring in our logo.


We feel that it also represents our 'future Paralympians in Artistic Swimming!

Check out our link on the USA Paralympic club locater page:

Artistic Swimming for Athletes with Disabilities Artistic Swim AWD (

USA Artistic Swimming Federation

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We are supporting members of the

USA Artistic Swimming Federation (USAAS)

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Synchronized Swimming Athletes with Disabilities

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