We are the FIRST of it's kind in the United States to OFFER artistic swim training specifically for people with any disabilities, special needs and all abilities. This is an inclusive club/team (disabled & non-disabled) which offers training for novice, intermediates and advanced swimmers in solo, duet, and combo routines.

Bay Area Synchro is a small club offering: Lessons for artistic swimming for ages 6 to 19,

and Masters Novice Synchro for ages 20+

We participate in Int'l travel opportunities to Camps, Exhibitions & Competitions, (regardless of age and level), Aquatic and Land demonstration shows. We believe in keeping the sport of Artistic (synchronized) swimming alive and well by including 'everything artistic' so that all athletes have choices and a future in this wonderful fun sport. As a part of our long term athlete development plan, we see this as a bigger picture than just 'artistic swimming' alone. We'd like to thank the Artistic Swim AWD Organization for encouraging us to start serving the Bay Area as part of the grass roots efforts to bring artistic swimming for athletes with disabilities and special needs to more teams and clubs across the United States.

There are many clubs with Artistic Swim AWD swimmers in USA and now several around the World.

We are members of the USA Synchronized Swimming Federation and hope to inspire more clubs, teams and organizations globally to get started with including the disabled and special needs population! 

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Bay Area Synchro-Artistic Swimming-Northern California.

We are based in San Jose, Calif. with our 'home' pool in Campbell, Calif.

If you'd like to volunteer as an AWD Coach/Jr. Coach (no artistic swim experience is necessary) OR Join our team as an artistic swimmer, whether your disabled, special needs or non disabled youths ages 6 and older. Athletes with Disabilities: Any age 

Please email us at: artisticswimawd@gmail.com




Our logo was inspired by International Synchro Champions Bill May, Kristina Lum and Christina Jones. The image was derived & modified from an actual Photograph taken by John Huet (Right). Bill May fought for equal rights for 20+ years to be able to compete in the Synchro 'Mixed Pairs' event, which was ultimately granted by the FINA World Aquatics Organization in 2014. In 2015, Bill May, along with Kristina Lum and Christina Jones became FINA World Synchro Champions, winning Gold and Silver in the Mixed Pairs event. We feel that Bill May has opened the doors for Athletes with Disabilities & Special Needs to have similar opportunities for artistic swim competitions at

future International Competitions/Exhibitions and Paralympic games.

We are grateful for his efforts and those involved for equality and inclusion!

Meet Our Certified Volunteer

Team Coaches....

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Coach Tina

Coach Claire

Coach Raquel

Coach Tulisha

Coach Bianca

Coach Yuliya

We also have wonderful part time coaching assistants on our volunteer staff who are high school, college and special ed teachers. Many of them are pictured throughout our website and social media pages working passionately with our athletes and certified coaches..

Coach Jade