It's the most WONDERFUL time of the of year!

We are appealing to the most generous people out there! You know who you are. You are the one who cares about humanity and making this place a better world, from a few dollars to thousands of dollars at a time. You are the small funds donor and you are the big funds donor.

I am Tina Boales and I am the President for the Synchronized Swimming Athletes with Disabilities Advocacy Organization. We help athletes all over the World transition to Synchronized Swimming to expand their opportunities in the sports world. But, the bigger picture is making sure our kids and young adults thrive off the benefits they recieve in a sport they can call their 'own'. Social skills, team building, developmental skills, therapeutic benefits, life skills and becoming a better person all the way around is what they swim away with. As adults, they will become much less dependant and much more productive and will always give back to our society. Sounds cool? Yes, because it is. In 2016, we will have the path for athletes with disabilities to become achievers in life with your financial help!

How does it work? With your generous contributions, grants, fundraising help, we can provide a FREE sports program (synchronized swimming) to qualified athletes with disabilities ages 8 and older. We are not a 'seasonal team' and we offer training and competitions year round. Our ultimate goal is to introduce synchronized swimming as an Int'l 'Paralympic Sport' so that ALL athletes with ANY disability can compete at higher levels.

Right now, we are looking at offering FREE programs in Northern and Southern California and hopefully expand to the rest of the United States as well as help our sister Countries. We are members of the USA Synchro Federation and our teams will be able to train/exhibit/compete and travel to any synchronized swimming event, anywhere in the World. Each annual program costs about $20,000 per year for 10 swimmers on a team per location. Right now, our proposed locations are in San Jose, Los Gatos, Los Angeles and San Diego, with Int'l locations in 13 different Countries.

If you can help us with training, equipment and pool costs, we can provide a free program to our population with disabilities. Let's provide more opportunities for others. We can do this!

DIVE in and do good. And, you wouldn't even have to get wet!

Thank you!!

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