Celebrate in JAPAN!!

This year marks the 25th Anniversary for the Japanese Synchronized Swimming Association's People with Disabilities. Under the direction of Coach Morita for the past 30years, the JSSA added people with disabilities for water ballet and exhibition. Every 4 years, a celebration of Japanese people with disabilities in a huge sports festival pays homage to a population rich with stamina, color and culture! People with disabilities in every sports discipline from all over Japan come to participate. This year in May (6-7-8th), they will be celebrating 25yrs of synchronized swimming for people with disabilities. We believe Japan has had the longest running program for athletes with disabilities in s

It's the most WONDERFUL time of the of year!

We are appealing to the most generous people out there! You know who you are. You are the one who cares about humanity and making this place a better world, from a few dollars to thousands of dollars at a time. You are the small funds donor and you are the big funds donor. I am Tina Boales and I am the President for the Synchronized Swimming Athletes with Disabilities Advocacy Organization. We help athletes all over the World transition to Synchronized Swimming to expand their opportunities in the sports world. But, the bigger picture is making sure our kids and young adults thrive off the benefits they recieve in a sport they can call their 'own'. Social skills, team building, developmental

Join Us around the World-2016!

This year has already proven to be so busy that the Synchronized Swimming Athletes with Disabilities Organization is trying to keep up with requests and inquiries for starting programs worldwide! "We still have to work on locating grants and funding so that we can provide a free local program here in California as well as help other Countries start theirs", says SS-AWD President, Tina Boales. But with travel and helping other Countries establish programs, Tina says there is a rush to focus on needs on swimmers in the United States. Tina says, taking the advice of the Canadians was all to real. "They told us, the best thing we can do, is to focus on developing with other Countries, so that ul

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