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Boales & Harris Scoop up the Silver Medals at the California State Games!

On Saturday and Sunday, July 18th and 19th, Corinne Harris and Raquel Boales competed at the California State Games in San Diego and continued to 'make history' by competing with non disabled swimmers and scooping up Silver Medals.

On Saturday, despite unusual heavy summer rainfall and thunderstorms Corinne Harris of the Monterey Cypress Swim Club swam a cool Titanic Solo routine, earning a Silver medal in the Novice 16/17 Category. Corinne, who has Autism and joined her synchronized swim team last August 2014, has quickly rose to proficiency, earning and keeping a spot for Silver all season long.

On Sunday, Raquel who swims for the Santa Clara Aquamaids, returned to fight for a spot in the Top 3 for the Age Group 13-15 category and by far, the most competitve group for synchronized swimming at the California State Games. With over 135 swimmers competing at various levels, Raquel swam a sassy fast paced solo to the Great Gatsby sung by Fergie. Narrowly missing the Gold by less than 1/2 point, Raquel was all smiles with a Silver medal win, securing her spot in the Top 3 best synchro swimmers at the 2015 California State Games. After 6 years of competing, it was bittersweet in that this was her first solo medal win at the Calif State Games. She previously won Gold in 2011 at the National State Games of America (SGA) and Bronze at the 2013 National State Games of America (SGA). She quallfied in all 6 years at the California State Games with Gold medal wins for team routines in which she was Captain of her team and a silver for Duet in 2010.

The California State Games (CSG) and the National State Games of America (SGA) are United States Olympic Committee grass roots events, designed to give amateur athletes an opportunity to have fun and excel in their respective sports and to be inspired for the Olympic Games. We also include that athletes with disabilities can be inspired for the Paralympic Games. The CSG is in its 27th year and has produced a number of past as well as future Olympic and Paralympic Champions from many States across the United States. The National State Games of America occurs every two years and the next event is in 2017 hosted by the State of Michigan. Both girls have now qualified for this event. Only the Top 3 from each State's participating sports are invited to compete at the National level.

Great Job Corinne and Raquel!! As we say, it is not about 'winning', it's about being rewarded for your hard work all season long and you earned it!

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