Raquel Boales honored as FIRST U.S Synchro Swimmer AWD!

Raquel Boales (who has Erbs Palsy) may have not been the very first synchro athlete with a disability, but she is the FIRST American SS-AWD from the United States to travel to Canada and swim in the prestigious June 2014 Canadian Espoir National Synchro Championships. Raquel earned a Gold Medal for her solo, swimming to a special medly of Hunger Games-Catching Fire. She also placed 1st in level 4 figures, all in the 'AWD' competition category where she got the chance to flourish with likewise competitors. Her home club, the Santa Clara Aquamaids, during their 50th Anniversary Celebration in August, proudly recognized Raquel with a 'Golden Synchro Globe' award for her being the first gold medalist 'parasynchro' swimmer from the United States and her years of efforts and being a trailblazer amongsts 'Firsts' for the Santa Clara Aquamaids. Special THANKS to Aquamaids Head Coach Chris Carver and Raquel's lead Coaches during the past 5 years: Yuliya Roysental, Kendra Zanotto, Leilah Talukder, Bianca Johnson, Katie Killebrew, Wendy Carter and U.S. Paralympics Swim (Emerging Athletes program) Coach, Kelly Crowley (Pictured). Raquel's private coach Yuliya Roysental from the Walnut Creek Aquanuts, who is our (USA SS-AWD) Staff Coach travelled to Canada with Raquel and Coached her to Gold! Way to go Raquel! WE are proud of you!

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