Welcome to our Face Mask Project Fundraiser 'Products Page' where you can make a donation and receive the listed products as our 'Thank-You' gift. Add'l products not listed, such as mask spray, laundry bags, disposable masks can be obtained at our 'Grab/Go' table for additional donation, subject to availability each date. If you have any questions that have not been addressed in our FAQs page, please contact us at:

BEFORE donating/ordering, we recommend that you review our FAQs page, to answer any of your questions. Click on Tab below!

NOTE: Measurements listed are the size range of your face measurement NOT the mask itself.

Please measure your face in INCHES to ensure correct mask option.

The vertical measurement is from bottom of chin to the bridge of your nose. The horizontal measurement is from the far edge of the chin to the ear lobe. Keep in mind the sizing range for the XL-Pro is also to accommodate those who wish to wear a disposable mask underneath.

IF you are at the min. size for the basic mask (ie: 4.5/4.0), you should be able to cover over most disposable masks (if you chose to wear it with one) with the Basic one size mask.

Fabric Prints

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PLEASE WATCH! How to put on Face Mask w/Head Straps