As part of our ongoing monthly 'Face Mask Fundraiser Project", these masks are FREE subject to availibility for LOCAL Medical and 1st Responders. For the product line, we HAD to ADD the 0.01, but use this discount code in your cart to get it for FREE: FREE1(applies only to ONE Mask).


These masks are XL-Pro size BUT have two solid cotton layers, designed to go over MOST disposible masks or N95 respirators. These masks come with cotton head ties (see photos) and cannot be changed for elastic or ear straps. Ear straps are NOT recommended for this mask due to size and also because most disposible masks come with ear straps. No metal nose clips are on these masks, just the internal covered nose wire.


These masks covers may help prolong the life of your disposible mask and keep it clean. These mask covers CAN be washed in hot water or placed in an autoclave. The cotton straps are antimicrobial and moisture wicking to cut down on sweating or bacteria in the straps.


There are no upgrades availble for these mask covers as they are free for our Medical care (Doctors/RN/LVN/Certified Home Care/Veterinarians/1st Responders). Colors/prints are random but you can make a request for a solid neutral color or random print which we chose (not from our fabric collection). ONE mask per person. In addition, If available in our supplies, we may also give you a personal complimentary Basic Mask at our curbside pickup if available.


You must pick up in person at our 'Grab/Go' table in the San Jose area during our designated table dates/times and present proper credentials (Refer to Shipping/Pickup Info).

**If you cannot pickup curbside, please email us before ordering to see if we can accomodate a local (San Jose area ONLY delivery to your place of work (must be medical or 1st responder location). We are not allowing anyone to pick up for you.


If you have any questions or special request, please email us. At this time, we are only fulfilling individual local requests via our this order page. No shipping or multiple free masks orders. Sorry.

FREE Mask Covers (Medical/1st Responders ONLY)

  • We make no claim as to effectiveness or fit of our Face Masks/Coverings or any products we offer as a 'thank you gift'. Please refer to the CDC website for information regarding home made/cloth masks. Sizes and colors may slightly vary and are subject to availability.  Please keep this mask and any of our products out of reach of children.