Want something for fun? Customize your mask with a fully bejeweled color metal nose clip with either metal buttons, 'pearls', glitter or crystals across the entire nose clip. 'Bling' based onsize, availability and colors and we will chose what matches unless you request something 'specific'.


Full customized metal nose clips can be on any XL-Pro or Basic masks. Sorry, not available for Jr. masks.


**If you would like full custom decorating and more bling, etc then please email us so we can discuss your request and donation amount. Most special request custom masks will range from $20 to $30+, AND includes the Mask (XL Pro or Basic). For custom Jr. Mask, please see the Jr. Mask product description. We will not be able to offer anything extravagant and suggest visitng speciatly (Etsy, etc) websites where you can purchase those types of masks for cosplay, theater, etc. 

Full BLING Nose Clip

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