Available in a variety of colors and prints, the XL-Pro is designed for those who wish to cover a larger area of their face and/or would like a face cover that will go over most disposable masks including an N-95 Respirator. This mask is desgined to be worn for longer periods of time. Highly recommended for professionals and those needing a mask for all day use.


The XL-Pro has 4 layers of fabric which includes a special anti microbial, moisture wicking face liner instead of the traditional cotton that the Basic mask comes with. Also has a metal matching nose clip and comes with Elastic head straps but can substituted for cotton head ties. Due to size and fit, we do not use or recommend Ear Straps for this mask. 


 *NOTE: Keep in mind, your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop screen may be slightly off in the colors shown.  For Fabric color choice, chose either solid color or print but not BOTH. In your Cart Notes, please indicate to us a 2nd and/or 3rd color choice so as not to delay your order if your 1st color option is not available.


XL-Pro Face Mask

  • This mask after each use can be washed in warm water and dried on medium heat in a standard dryer for 20 minutes or until dry or air dried  outside in direct sunlight. After washing, to re-shape and flatten, you can use an Iron on the SILK Setting. Please use an Iron cloth or Towel over the Mask before LIGHTLY pressing. IF you make direct contact with the Iron to your Mask, you can risk melting the middle barrier fabric. If this happens, you will damage the efficiency of the mask and it will need to be replaced. Do not Iron the liner side.

    If the mask is NOT soiled, you can place in the Dryer on medium heat for 20 minutes to sanitize it.