Make a difference in our swimmers and YOUR life!

Time to Volunteer!

We can use your help! Whether as a swim or synchro coach, a staff member to help us with organizing and marketing our programs or as a program rep to reach out to communities and donors, you can make a difference and join the global grass roots movement to add Artistic Swimming as an official Paralympic Sport! To participate, email us at:


Join us as an AWD Rep in your area!

We are looking for passionate volunteers to be advocates in their

home State/Province/Country!

It's easy!

Spread awareness, contact local synchro clubs, speak to disability groups, recruit swimmers and others with disabilities interested in synchro. We will send you brochures and business cards to start a plan! Volunteers such as yourselves are KEY to the success of thousands we speak for.

Want to travel with us internationally?

Get involved and join us at annual symposiums/training seminars/exhibitions all over the World! Help us spread the word and help with other Countries.

Brush off your swim cap and synchro suit and participate in the sessions and/or exhibitions. Showcasing the coaches who help coach the AWDs is key to the success of the swimmers.

DIVE IN & do good.


Also, if you live in the Northern Calif. Bay Area-South Bay, we are looking for passionate volunteers to assist as coaches or aids in our synchro camps and training all year long. No experience required but must have basic swim skills, dance/gymnastics background OR be knowledgeable about swim sports. We will credit you with reference letter and hours for your intern work or community service hours. You are also eligible to receive a Presidential Award if you work the min. required hours (USA Only). 


Contact us at:


We NEED your Help! THANK YOU for considering.

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