1) How do I know what size to choose?

    We offer 3 sizes: Jr Masks ($7) for youths 7yrs to 12yrs old, BASIC mask ($10) for 13yrs and older, XL mask ($12) for larger faces and those who wish to wear a cloth mask over a disposable mask. We will post the size chart when we are set up for the local Grab/Go table. We will also have custom and special made masks for $15+. 

2) Do the masks come with Ear or Head straps?

Jr. masks and Basic masks come with Ear straps. The XL mask come with head straps and the XL masks for medical staff come with cotton ties. However if you order a custom made mask, you can chose your straps except for XL size it is too big for ear straps.


3) Can I get my Mask Customized?

   Yes! We offer specialty prints that we have in stock and special fabric such as mermaid prints, animal prints, fancy patterns, etc. We can make masks for weddings, quinceneras, etc. Due to staffing our maximum for custom orders is 25. Please email us at: AWDFACEMASKS@gmail.com

4) Do you Ship? And where is your 'Grab/Go' Table?

   No, we do NOT ship at this time. ALL of the orders MUST be picked up at our 'Grab/Go' curbside table which is located at the California Sewing & Vacuum Center (not affiliated with our Organization). Their address is: 

 3403 Stevens Creek Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95117    Our table will be located outside and the side entrance. Please park in the parking stalls. We will POST the dates and times when we will be there, starting in mid July. 

We will have the 'Extras' items available for an additional donation, subject to availability and 1 per person. (disposable surgical masks, mask laundry bags, mask disinfectant spray, custom mask carry bags). We may also have discounted ($5 each) Basic and Jr. Masks in discontinued prints each as well as Crochet mask covers (subject to availability). You cannot 'pre-order' these items. We will take cash and payment via credit/debit, or cash transfer through the Venmo or Zelle apps. Sorry no checks accepted.

5) If I am a Nurse, Doctor, Certified Caregiver or a 1st Responder, can I get a FREE mask?

  Yes! Our Free Mask Project request that we verify your credentials in person. Time allowing, we may be able to make arrangements to deliver locally to your place of employment upon verifying your status. Please email us: AWDFACEMASKS@gmail.com 1 per person.

8) Can I exchange/refund my mask?

   No. Our products serve as 'Thank You' gifts for your donation. They have no value. Because of sanitary rules, we cannot exchange masks once they leave our Grab/Go table. We will have disposable sizing masks available to double check your sizing.  If there is any workmanship issues within 7 days of picking up your mask, we will work with you to remedy the issue. We want our Donors to be happy with their 'Thank You' gifts because we appreciate your support.


9) Can I donate more than the minimum for the Masks/Bags and is it Tax Deductible?

 Yes! Our Non-Profit cannot function without the support of donations. The more you give, the more we can serve! Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. There is no value that we assign to our products since they are a free gift donated by volunteers and other sources who hand make/donate our products. 


10) What do you use the donations for?

   We use the donations for our athletes for training, pool time, team expenses, and scholarships for our team program. We offer free camp/try it sessions. Since we are ALL volunteers including our coaches, and we have NO paid staff. We are home based and have no office space or overhead. Your money goes directly to the Organization and team. Since we do not have any annual fundraisers or other means of raising funds at this time, we appreciate everyone giving to a great cause and our ability of our team to hand make the products as our Thanks to YOU!. Our team of coaches, parents, friends and swimmers ages 7 to 16yrs old, all are involved with making the masks you receive. 

11) How many masks have you given away? 

 As part of our Free Face Mask Project, we have donated over 250 masks to local nurses, doctors, caregivers, veterinarians, wildlife care volunteers, and front line workers. This is a continuing project so some of our donations that we receive with our Face Mask Fundraiser will go towards continuing free masks for our Medical staff/1st Responders. 


12) What are the masks made of?

 We use high quality fabrics. Cotton, cotton polyester, polypropylene (spunbond/meltblown) and non woven materials. The Basic/XL mask come with 3 layers including the polypropylene barrier fabric and a high quality tightly woven cotton face liner. The Jr. mask comes with two tightly woven layers. All masks come with built in nose wire. We will also have upgraded 4 layer Basic/XL Masks with special anti microbial/moisture wicking face liners and custom metal nose clips, which are $15.


13) How do I clean the masks? 

 For the Masks (with exception of  custom/special fabric masks-has separate cleaning care), You can machine wash warm, then Dry on medium heat for up to 20mins or until completely Dry.

If the mask is NOT SOILED, you can place in the Dryer for 20 minutes on medium heat to sanitize without washing. If you need to reshape/flatten your masks, you can use an Iron, but on the SILK setting with an Iron cloth or small towel, pressing lightly over the front of the mask for a few seconds to work the wrinkles out/flatten it. DO NOT use direct contact with a hot iron, or you will melt the barrier fabric inside and destroy the mask. Jr. masks you can Iron as directed in the care instructions on the product description.


15) How long will these Masks last?

 Well, it depends. With constant washing and daily wear, it can last up to a year. We highly recommend that you replace your mask annually or in less time, depending on its 'wear/tear'. Masks that become damage or very worn may not be as 'effective'. We also recommend having multiple masks.


16) How 'Effective' are these Masks and can they block any viruses?

 We are not allowed to legally claim any of our products are 'Effective' against blocking any virus or   anything else. These are home made masks that have not been tested. We do know that the Polypropylene layer we use as a barrier inside all the Masks (except the Medical/1st Responder Covers that go over disposable masks and the Jr. Masks) have been tested by the industry and there are documented research and results as to its effectiveness. However, we make NO claims as to effectiveness/fit or anything else with regards to the safety or usage of our masks. They are considered a 'novelty' item that you must wear properly. It is considered another 'tool' in addition to proper hygiene and social distancing. We advise that you keep all our products out of reach of children. 


17) Can I use your Mask for kids under 7yrs old?
   NO! Our Jr. Masks are designed ONLY for kids 7 to 12yrs old. Using a mask on kids younger than this is dangerous because their respiratory systems are not fully developed to handle mask wearing. Please consult your physician for guidelines for kids under 7yrs old. There may be exceptions for certain circumstances but your physician will need to provide that information, recommendations and mask to you.

18) How many Masks should I get for me and how long will you be providing them?

  Actually, we recommend at least TWO per person. Based on usage/feedback from our Donors, they say that while their mask is in the washer and then they need to go out somewhere, it would be nice to have a 2nd mask ready to go. We also recommend our mask bags where you can clip to your car's headrest, backpack or purse and have a mask in it, ready and waiting when you leave. Some of our Donors even have 3 masks and put one in each car while one is being laundered. We will be providing masks on a monthly basis as part of our fundraiser as long as masks are needed/wanted. So, we hope you love our products and be a return Donor! Our team appreciates it!!

19) Can I wear my mask as soon as I take it out of the bag? Yes! It has been laundered twice and sanitized during packaging. If you wish to place in the Dryer for 20mins on medium heat to sanitize it before wearing it, you may do so. 

20) Does your team have any Social Media pages we can follow?

  YES! Please follow our Team on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. Click on these Links and follow us! 


21) Can I pre-order?

  At this time, we are only taking specialty custom orders. Otherwise, we will have plenty of masks available at our Grab and Go table sometime in July. We will publish the dates/times on our home page when we are ready with the inventory. If you would like to be notified, please email us at: AWDFACEMASKS@gmail.com


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