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Kathy Primerose

AWD Advocate (Canada)

Hailing from Canada, Kathy Primrose’s kids are grown adults but she is still actively involved in each of their lives.  Kathy’s three children have significant challenges and she has always been supportive when facing each unique obstacle that they have had to face.  She continues to guide and council her children as the need arises. The youngest, Nicole, has been involved in synchronized swimming for 15 seasons. Nicole is a National/International AWD Champion and served on her team's age group and Junior team with non disabled swimmers. Nicole also coaches in Canada and is a photographer and motivational speaker for athletes with Down Syndrome.  Because Kathy has a varied experience through raising her children she brings a distinct perspective to the table when talking about and/or supporting people with disabilities. Kathy and Nicole have been instrumental in assisting Synchro Canada with development of rules for competition in regards to AWD. She is one of the original pioneers for AWD advocacy in Canada.

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