Carmel McMillan

AWD Advisor (Canada)

Carmel has been advocating for her daughter Erin since the day she was born, and after they discovered Synchronized Swimming six years ago became aware of the opportunity to advocate for a larger cause - Synchronized Swimming for Athletes with Disabilities. Working with the support of Erin's Club (the Toronto Synchronized Swim Club) and using her Marketing and Print Production background, Carmel developed Flyers and a Powerpoint presentation to increase awareness of opportunities for Athletes with Disabilities. As part of that initiative, she had the opportunity to present to the Head Coaches and Club Executives at a Synchro Ontario Annual General Meeting. Carmel is excited to be a part of the SS-AWD group and her hope is that someday there will be MANY National and International awareness programs that will encourage AWD swimmers like her daughter to participate in this wonderful sport, and that they will be included in ALL aspects of the sport using a common and comprehensive training program.